The lines between man and machine have blurred as science finds new ways to incorporate cybernetic wonders into flesh. Data pirates in the new world called Deckers, interface with the virtual reality of the matrix to plunder one of the worlds remaining commodities; information.Unexplained Genetic Expression as it is called changed the race lines from color to species as Trolls, Elves, and other creatures of legend emerged from all walks of life. Corporations who are powers unto themselves put on a warm and fuzzy face to the public while striking each other in silent shadow wars using freelance agents known as Shadowrunners.

This is Shadowrun, and the setting for the MUD known as Deckeon. For nearly a decade Deckeon has striven to recreate the Third edition Shadowrun game in a role playing enforced MUD.

Deckeon is a Shadowrun MUD. What is a MUD you may ask? Some call it Multi User Dungeon, others Multi User Delusion. Just think ‘text based Shadowrun game with other people’ If you didn’t know what a MUD was, well you probably still won’t so log on in and try it out for yourself!

Deckeon can be found at port:2065, and there are several ways that you can connect to it.

One way is by clicking here which will open your default telnet program and connect to the MUD.

Several specialized MUD clients also exist, ranging from free to pricey. See our links page for more details on these clients.

A java alternative can be found by going to Mud Connector or directly here. Simply select Deckeon from the list and hit connect.

The question isn’t what to do, more like what do you want to do?

Be a Shaman or Mage, wield mystical forces, conjure forth spirits of nature or elementals and have them do your bidding. As a Physical Adept you magic is focused towards improving you body and martial abilities into the stuff of legend.